Pots In A Box

CDS - 9070


The POTs in a BOX solution enables legacy analog wireline in-band Voice, currently connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), to be carried over multiple celluar data networks. POTs in a BOX is a cellular appliance that directly replaces wireline Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) lines including capability for transmission of voice, FAX, alarm, analog data, ring-down, emergency lines and full access to E-911. The POTs in a BOX solution uses the LTE Cellular Data Network to provide high levels of reliable cellular connectivity. A firewalled Network Operating Center (NOC) routes Cellular data received from the PSTN to enable call origination or call completion to occur using various methods. POTs in a BOX replaces existing wireline analog lines and permits uninterrupted, fast and reliable bi-directional Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call completion. Any application functionality that requires a traditional wireline dial tone based circuit may utilize POTS in a BOX for connectivity. Trans- mission options include ability for both Cellular Data channel and other alternative Internet access pathways providing true failover, diverse, alternate routing for calls. Failover option available (upon request) for 3G Cellular Voice channel pathway

General Use

Whether you’re in the office, out on the road, or find yourself sitting in the dark because the power went out – The Pots in the Box provides a continuous gateway to all your data and voice needs in any situation. With the Pots in the Box, an on board battery and LTE modems provide access to the internet in cases of emergencies.

Current Competition

Current competitors often provide devices for single use applications: Cradlepoint: Offers a variety of survivable mobile LTE routers, but do not provide support for RJ-11 VOIP ports, which are needed to connected to alarm panels, standard telephones, POS terminal lines, fax machines, and more.


Voice Over IP via LTE

Can offer significant benefits to your network and your business. These benefits include: cost-savings, reduced complexity and hardware, flexibility, and speed-to-deployment.

Auto Dial

The call is initiated by simply picking up the handset. It's possible for one phone to cause several phones to ring at the same time, but it can't call just one in the group.


Cut the cost of using POTs lines for faxing. The Pots in a Box offers the ability to send faxes through it's VoIP solutions.

High speed Internet access

This Router enables your company to access a high-speed Internet connection in your workplace. The router functions as a hub through which Internet signals flow.

Dual SIM

It has all the usual keep alive features to ensure that the router stays connected.

Analog data Support

Still using legacy technology? You can now convert from Analog to Digital VoIP.

Battery backup protection

Backup Power that allows you to work through power outages and protects your data transfer.

Alarm Support

Supports various protocols for both legacy and newer alarm panels, eliminitating the need for expsnise wireless proprietary adapters from monitoring companies.


Legacy phones to VoIP

POTS in a BOX replaces existing wireline analog lines and permits uninterrupted, fast and reliable bi-directional Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call completion.


Connectivity and Security

The POTS in a BOX solution can use a Private Data Network and/or Cellular Data Network to provide high levels of security and reliable cellular connectivity.

DID Origination & Management

Easily manage your DIDs right from our User Portal. Once we place the DIDs onto your account, you decide what to do with them.

Firewall protection

It integrates all the commonly used protocols from logical link layer to upper application layer, such as TCP/IP/UDP and so on.

99.9% Availability on your systems

Fail-over option available (upon request) for 4G Cellular Voice channel pathway.


QoS equipment is useful with VoIP phones or in LANs with high volumes of local traffic.

POTs in a Box Solution

Network diagram POTS



VoIP is a cost-saving, scabale solution in lieu of traditional analong pots lines. As your business grows, so can your voice lines.

Pots in the Box can even handle all your fax needs. Faxes are a trusted method to send a receive information and most business continue to use them. Industries like Healthcare, Fiance, Government, and Manufaturcing lead the way in fax communication use.

The Pots in a Box will connect to existing fire and burglar alarm panels; a wide-varity of protocols are supported including: SIA, 4x2, ContactID, and more. Legacey panels are also supported.

Every elevator needs to have a phone line connected for emergency purposes; cut the expensive analog line and the Pots in a Box offers a VoIP solution that is ready to tackle this, especially with its battery-backup and LTE.
Point of Sale

Connect a credit card machine or connect an All-In-One POS system for a wireless experience. Seemlessly and securly transmit data from your customers to your bank accounts.

Let the PIAB be your wiressless access point to the internet. Even in cases of backup, if the power and internet goes down - you can rely on connecting your wireless devices to the Pots in the Box and getting back to work.

Complete Supported Services

Voice Over IP via LTE | Failover GSM voice | Auto Dial call boxes (Ring Down) | DRI FAX | Contact ID support for Fire and Security Alarms | Analog data support for a wide variety of FSK enabled Modems, M2M, SCADA and other legacy in-band analog communications devices | High speed Internet access via LTE, Wi-Fi
Continuity for Business



Our data centers provide the optimal level of security and high availability IP connectivity through multiple carrier backbones and multitiered power backups.

The POTS in a BOX offers battery back-up and on-board LTE. Set your primary connection as WAN, and if your internet provider goes down; you'll still be up and running.
For the Road Warriors



Need a portable office? The Pots in a Box offers the best portabilty solution; keep it in your vehicle for LTE and WIFI connectivity on the go. Create designated access points in hotels. Don't use those unseccured accesspoints were senstivte data can be easily stolen. The PIAB offers VPN to make sure you connection is encrypted and private anywhere you go.
Feild Techs

Need to power your fleet of road-techs? Pots in a Box ensures that anywhere your tech goes, so will your internet and phone lines will too. Keep your fleet connected in real time.
Case Studies



The Healthcare of America Corp. incorporates the Pots in a Box as a dedicated connection for their payment and fax needs. Their privatized POS systems connect to their servers via the CDS-9070, taking advantage of its encrypted abilities.

The Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System uses the Pots in a Box as mobile office solution for its employees. When disaster strikes, the ILEAS is the first responders to the scene, and they need a solution that's as tough as them. By outfitting their Disaster Frist-Response vehicles with Pots in a Box, their staff can connect to the internet with government standards of security on the go.
United Community Options

Utilizes a site-to-site VPN that secures and encrypts their private data communications.
Travel Traders LLC

TTLLC uses the Pots in a Box solution so replace POTs lines at 200 remote locations. The switch alone has nullified the 2 million dollar cost of analog pots lines.
Big Lots

Big Lots uses these devices as an "All-In-One" point of use. From fire alarm panels, VoIP and faxes, to POS systems. Big Lots pushes the Pots in a Box to the limit by taking advantage of everything it has to offer.
DEX Imaging

DEX uses this system to provide a fail-over system for their internal network. With their fast-paced business, they need the availability to be up 24/7 with no down time to their network. Not only does DEX deploy this solution as safety net, but they use the Pots in a Box to encrypt their private communications and as a site-to-site VPN to access their data from anywhere.

The Miami Cerebal Palsy Residential uses the Pots in a Box solutions to allow their fire alarm panels to communicate with the fire alarm companies monitoring station
Fender Muscial

The giants in the musical instrument industry uses the Pots in the Box as an out of band management system. The CDS-9070 allows their internet provides access their commercial-grade routers for routine maintenance


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