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Keeping your alarms online when disater strikes
Coral Springs, Florida – May 11, 2018 - When it comes to business continuity, all organizations want to ensure that they’re prepared for the worse. When disaster does eventually strike disaster recovery plans need to be quickly enacted upon. With the pots in a box, your IT department won’t have to lift a finger as the CDS-9070 effortlessly switches from WAN to its LTE on board modem if your network goes down, and if you’re lucky enough to lose power as well – then the built in battery will kick in, send you an alert and keep your network up and running for another 6-8 hours. Combine these features with the ability of alarm panel communication and you’ve got yourself a true failover that’s always connected option for your fire, burglar, and alarm traffic.
The POTS in a BOX solution provides for dial tone, in voice band signaling, FSK, modem tone or DTMF signals to be transmitted over both MPLS, Internet and the Cellular Data Network. Long story short, this means our solution is true plug and play into any alarm setup. The installation involves unplugging the existing landlines and connecting the CDS-9070 into the alarm panel via plain old telephone wires. No changes are needed to make on the alarm unit itself and the alarm central station that monitors the signals will not notice any change in operations, as the Public Switch Network (PTSN) completion is included within the communications architecture.
Not only does the CDS-9070 effortlessly drop into your alarm ecosystem, but the fail over model of continuity gives uninterrupted, fast and reliable connectivity when your organization needs it the most. Combine this with its built-in battery back, the Pots in a Box will keep your alarm panels connected in case of power and network outages resulting in true backup solution for your legacy and advanced alarm systems.

The Computer GuyZ Launches Pricing Tools for PIAB
Coral Springs, Florida – May 9, 2018 – The Computer GuyZ has officially released a website redesign along with the Saving’s Calculator, which has become the easiest way for customers to compare their current POTS, plain old telephone service, costs against the Pots In A Box solution provided by the Computer GuyZ.
Major telecom communication companies are moving away from supporting and building infrastructure for POTs lines. Not only are they trying to get rid of landline telephone services, but they are actively supporting legislation to eliminate requirements for supporting these services to entities entirely.
With POTS support on the decline and the ever growing expenses to maintain them, The Computer GuyZ has cultivated a solution, POTS in a Box, that supports legacy applications, for which business still need to thrive, along with implementing features that reflect the current standard of today’s tech. This includes adding continuity through battery backup and LTE connectivity for when network outages occur.
TCG has integrated their standard pricing into an easy to use, all in one, savings calculator. This allows future clients to compare their current pricing plans for POTs lines comparatively against the Pots in a Box Solution. This eliminates the guess work of figuring out how much a customer can save when switching to The Computer GuyZ.
“We built this pricing calculator to provide an intuitive way to show how much and how effortless it is to save when using the Pots in a Box,” said Larry Puebla, President of TCG, “This is an innovative solution that reflects the need for legacy support in an ever advancing technological world.”